Library of Things Replacement Costs

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Mobile Hotspot$144
Hotspot Micro-USB Charger$10
Chromebook Power Adapter$40
Chromebook Mouse$20
Chromebook Case$30
Roku Remote$9
Roku Charger$15
Roku Case$10
Portable CD Player$49
Bluetooth CD Player$60
CD Player USB to Micro USB Charging Cable$2
CD Player 3.5mm Audio Cable$5
Digital Projector$80
Digital Projector AV 3-in-1 cable$7
Digital Projector Power Cable$5
DVD/CD Player$50
Blu-ray/DVD Player$70
Karaoke System$80
Bluetooth Speaker$40
External DVD/CD Drive$27
External DVD/CD Drive Adaptor$3
HDMI Cable$5
Power Adapter$15
Composite Audio/Video Cable$6
USB Cord$8
Wall Plug$2
Kan Jam$60
Kan Jam Frisbee$15
Kan Jam Carry Bag$20
BucketBall Hybrid Game Balls$10
Ring Toss$35
Ladder Toss$40
Ladder Toss Bolo Balls$16
Giant Dice$40
Giant Dice Dry erase Board$13
Giant Dice Dry Erase Marker$2
Bocce Ball Game Set$40
Bean Bag Toss Game Set$100
Bean Bag Toss Carrying Bag$20
Bean Bags (Set of 4)$15
Parks board game$49.99
Libertalia board game$55
Just One board game$24.99
Ingenious board game$39.95
Hanabi board game$69.99
Forbidden Island board game$19.99
Exploding Kittens card game$19.99
Dominion board game$49.99
Codenames board game$19.95
Clue board game$11.99
Catan board game$59.99
Carcassonne board game$33.99
Bears vs. Babies board game$24.99
Azul board game$39.99
Apples to Apples card game$24.99
Age of War board game$12.95
Agricola board game$49.99
Qwirkle board game$34.99
Zombie Dice game$14.75
Yahtzee dice game$8.99
Tsuro board game$40
Ticket to Ride board game$54.99
The Resistance card game$23.99
The Chameleon card game$21.99
Sushi Go! card game$12
Arboretum card game$21.99
Blokus Trigon board game$32.99
Boss Monster card game$24.99
Love Letter card game$19.95
Magic Maze board game$24.99
Superfight card game$16.99
Munchkin Deluxe board game$34.95
Pandemic board game$39.99
Skull board game$19.99
Rummikub board game$24.99