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Book Discussion Questions: The Hard Bounce

The Hard Bounce book coverSPOILER WARNING: These book discussion questions are highly detailed and will ruin plot points, if you have not read the book.

Title: The Hard Bounce
Author: Todd Robinson
Page Count: 301
Genre: Mystery
Tone: Gritty, Darkly Humorous, Violent

Questions composed by MPPL Staff

The Library is happy to share these original questions for your use. If reproducing, please credit with the following statement:  2013 Mount Prospect Public Library. All rights reserved. Used with Permission.

1.    What did you think of “the Boy” as a character? Who was “the Boy” a part of? When did he appear in the story?

2.    Did this feel different than other mysteries you’ve read? Why or why not?

3.    What books does The Hard Bounce remind you of? Are there any writers that Todd Robinson reminds you of?

4.    Who would you recommend this book to? Why?

5.    What words would you use to describe this book when talking about it to friends?

6.    Would you consider this book too graphic? If yes, why? If not, are there any books you consider too graphic?

7.    Boo is the main character. Did you like him? Why or why not?

8.    What did it say about Boo that he owned only 1 plate and 1 set of cutlery?

9.    What can you tell about Boo as a person that he still has a beeper and doesn’t own a cell phone until Kelly Reese buys him one?

10.    How do Boo and Junior know each other?

11.    Do you think the author is making a statement about juvenile detention facilities?

12.    What is 4DC? Who owns it? Who wants to hire 4DC? Why?

13.    Boo and Junior have a common man’s approach to detective work – given the same task, how would you have accomplished solving this crime? Would you have done anything differently?

14.    Why did Cassie run away from home? Who did she run to?

15.    Did you believe that Cassie was capable of all the things she did at 14-years old? Did she want to be saved?

16.    A main plot point of The Hard Bounce involves a snuff film. How did this make you feel? How do you think the author wanted you to feel?

17.    Boo wants to immediately kill Snake/Derek. Who talks him out of it and why?

18.    Do you believe Snake/Derek when he later tells Boo that he truly loved Cassie and wanted to run away with her?

19.    Why didn’t Boo go to see his sister Emily? Would you have gone to see her?

20.    Why don’t Boo and Junior trust cops?

21.    Do you think multiple points of view about law enforcement (both positive and negative) are given? Do you think it is the author’s responsibility to give multiple points of view on this issue?

22.    Who is Underdog? What went wrong with Underdog’s career? Does he fix it by the end of the book?

23.    Did all of the musical references add to the setting or distract you?

24.    What did you think of the dynamic between Kelly and Boo? Did you think they would fall into a relationship? Why do you think they like each other? Do you think it will last?

25.    When does the break in the case about Cassie come?

26.    Who was Sid and what did you think of her occupation?

27.    How was the mafia involved in the case?

28.    What ultimately happens to Cassie? Who kills her? Why?

29.    Boo goes into a depression by the end of The Hard Bounce. Why? Does he shake out of it?

30.    Does The Hard Bounce have a happy ending? Did it end where and how you wanted it to?

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Book Discussion Questions: The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler

The Big Sleep book cover

SPOILER WARNING: These book discussion questions are highly detailed and will ruin plot points, if you have not read the book.

Title: The Big Sleep
Author: Raymond Chandler
Page Count: 249
Genre: Mystery, Pulp Fiction
Tone: Witty, Gritty, Fast-paced

Questions composed by MPPL Staff

The Library is happy to share these original questions for your use. If reproducing, please credit with the following statement:  2013 Mount Prospect Public Library. All rights reserved. Used with Permission.

1.    What did you think of Chandler’s constant barrage of setting details?

2.    Do you think General Sternwood had given up on being a parent? What would you have done differently?

3.    Vivian visits Marlowe’s office to try and figure out if he is looking for her husband. Why doesn’t she just go to her father?

4.    Vivian tells Marlowe, “People don’t talk to me that way.” (p. 19) What does this tell us about Vivian? What does this tell us about Marlowe?

5.    Marlow comes in contact with thugs, lowlifes, cops and the rich. Does he speak to everybody the same?

6.    Marlowe seems almost unmovable. Almost. What are some examples of Marlowe being human?

-p. 61, Marlowe blushes after Vivian leaves
-p. 190, interaction with Eddie Mars’ wife

7.    Do you count The Big Sleep as a classic of American literature? Why or why not?

8.    What makes a character classic?

9.    What are the charms of Marlowe?

10.    Do you think Phillip Marlowe has an equal in crime fiction?

11.    Did you see Marlowe as Humphrey Bogart?

12.    Who could play Marlowe in this day and age?

13.    What did you think of Carmen?

14.    Is Carmen not very smart or does she have health issues that can account for her behavior?

15.    Rusty Regan, the missing, bootlegging husband, always carried 15 grand on his person. What does that say about him?

16.    Why do you think Chandler never lets us see Rusty Regan, alive or dead?

17.    What does it say about Phillip Marlowe that he carries a gun and a bottle of rye in his glove compartment?

18.    When you read the book, did you see it in black and white in your mind? Color?

19.    Why would Vivian “loath masterful men?” (p. 20)

20.    Did Carmen getting the drop on Marlowe  surprise you? (p. 210)

21.    Eddie Mars’ wife says she still loves her husband, even knowing what a criminal he is. (p. 196) Were you bothered by her stance? Why?

22.    If you could go back to 1939, would you want Marlowe’s job? What job would you want?

23.    What does it say about Marlowe that he is a private investigator instead of a police officer?

24.    Did the slang ever bother you?

25.    Is everybody (men and women) a smooth talker in The Big Sleep?

26.    Any favorite quotes from the book?

27.    On page 48, the doctor can’t easily tell Owen Taylor’s time of death. How would this bit of information help establish the novel’s era?

28.    There ended up being a good number of characters and quite a few of them dead. Did you ever have trouble following along?

29.    One of Chandler’s most famous quotes is, “When in doubt, have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand.” (The quote originates from “The Simple Art of Murder,” found as an introduction essay to his novel of the same name.) Did you see examples of that in The Big Sleep? Is this a good writing practice?

30.    Think of characters and their status levels. Is there any social critique within The Big Sleep?

31.    Do women have power in this story? If so, what kind?

32.    How does Marlowe see women?

33.    Does Marlowe have a code of honor?

34.    Some of Raymond Chandler’s biggest literary influences were Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway and Henry James. Do you see any connections in his work to these authors?

-Ex: Dickens wrote convoluted plots, Hemingway wrote in short, to the point sentences, and James wrote in very dark tones

35.    What influence do you think Chandler has had on crime novels?

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Book Discussion Questions: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book coverSPOILER WARNING: These book discussion questions are highly detailed and will ruin plot points, if you have not read the book.

Title: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Author: Stieg Larsson
Page Count: 590
Genre: Suspense/Thriller
Tone: Dark, Gritty

Questions composed by MPPL Staff

The Library is happy to share these original questions for your use. If reproducing, please credit with the following statement:  2012 Mount Prospect Public Library. All rights reserved. Used with Permission.

1.    Did you like Mikael Blomkvist?

2.    What did you view him as? A writer? A hero? A failure? Other?

3.    Do you think Blomkvist has intimacy issues? If so, are they a stumbling block for him?

4.    Does Lisbeth Salander have intimacy issues? Is so, are they a stumbling block for her?

5.    What did you think of Blomkvist and Berger’s relationship?

6.    What did you think of Lisbeth Salander as a character? Was Lisbeth a believable character? If not, did she need to be?

7.    Does Lisbeth have a mental illness? If so, was the illness ever named?

8.    Lisbeth is described as being 4’11”, 90 lbs, and – though she looks anorexic – she isn’t. She eats an intense amount of food. What does this description say about Lisbeth? What does it say about the author’s view of women?

9.    Do you think that Lisbeth’s image was meant to attract people or to shove them away?

10.    Here are the movie posters for the Swedish and American movies. Do you think one movie captured the tone and truth of the book better? What is the difference in the depictions of Lisbeth on the posters?

11.    In the book, why do you think so many people were attracted to Lisbeth?

12.    Why do you think so many women were attracted to Blomkvist?

13.    What do you think of the original, Swedish title? (Men Who Hate Women)

14.    Why do you think the title was changed for the American edition?

15.    Which title do you think is more effective? Why?

16.    What do you think of the pace of this book?

17.    Is Lisbeth the main character or a side character?

18.    There are very graphic rape scenes that occur in this novel. How did you respond to these?

19.    What was the author’s point in depicting rape? Did he have (or need) a point?

20.    Do you think that the author wrote these scenes well or that he could have done better?

21.    What did you think of Lisbeth’s revenge against her counselor?

22.    Do Lisbeth’s experiences make her stronger?

23.    Why do you think authors use sexual assault (mainly against women) as an “experience” to make their characters stronger? Do you think this can be done in other ways?

24.    It is said that Stieg Larrson wanted to emphasize misogyny in Swedish culture and that is why this book is so graphic. Do you think he accomplished his goal?

25.    Do you think Larsson titillated with his violence, bluntly highlighted misogyny, or both?

26.    At 15, Stieg Larrson witnessed a rape committed by three of his friends. What impact do you think this made on him?

27.    Can you think of any books that highlight violence against women and accomplish it better?

28.    Do you think the author had a point to make when he had Lisbeth save Blomkvist at the end of the book from Martin Vanger?

29.    What was your reaction to Martin Vanger’s torture den?

30.    What do you think of the way Martin Vanger died?

31.    Did you ever suspect Martin Vanger of being the villain?

32.    Why do you think Lisbeth destroyed evidence of the murdered women in Martin’s torture den?

33.    What did you think of Harriet Vanger still being alive? Did you know it was coming or did you think she was dead?

34.    Some reviewers label Lisbeth as a “feminist icon.” What does that mean? Do you agree with the statement?

35.    What did you think of the setting? Did the setting become a main feature of the story?

36.    What did you think of the Nazi element of the story? Was it important?

37.    Was any of this book shocking to you?  Discuss.

38.    Do you think this book had a good ending? If not, where would you have wanted it to end?

39.    What questions would you want to ask Stieg Larrson if he was still alive?

40.    Did you like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Are you going to read other books in the Millennium Trilogy?

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