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Staff Pick: Roughneck by Jeff Lemire

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Cathleen's Pick - RoughneckThe embattled, soulful Roughneck by Jeff Lemire is a winter noir story that is both gritty and beautiful. Expert brushwork teases out different flavors of night sky, and the landscapes reflect the characters’ shifting degrees of serenity, menace, bleakness, and volatility. A harsh tale of family dynamic and of recovery, and one that has lived under my skin for months.

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Graphic Novel: Scenes From an Impending Marriage by Adrian Tomine

Scenes from an Upending Marriage book coverAptly titled Scenes from an Impending Marriage, writer and artist Adrian Tomine episodically illustrates snippets of his prenuptial experience. The black and white sketches pack a punch as he shares in the ridiculous, D. J. Buttercream, and heartening moments, volunteering to get out of the “black hole of nuptial narcissism,” that went along with planning his wedding with his now wife.

A notable element of the short strips is while Tomine doesn’t put his relationship  front and center, their dynamic is vividly portrayed making it easy to invest oneself in sharing the joys and tribulations that come with wedding planning, whether you’ve done it or not.

Meet Your Next Graphic Novel via Free Comic Book Day

Each year we eagerly look forward to Free Comic Book Day, and it’s here at last! Not only is it a day to explore and support neighborhood comics shops (Comix Revolution generously donates those we offer at the Library), but it is a golden opportunity to discover new stories and artists. Find something you like in one of the giveaways? Find a match among our graphic novel offerings! 

Wonder Woman Year One book coverWonder Woman
Vol. 2 Year One
Greg Rucka, Nicola Scott
Mouse Guard Legends of the Guard book coverMouse Guard
Legends of the Guard
David Petersen, Jeremy Bastian
Archie Vote Lodge book cover

Archie, Vol. 2
Vote Lodge
Mark Waid, Veronica Fish

Spill Zone book coverSpill Zone
Scott Westerfeld, Alex Puvilland

Rick and Morty book coverRick and Morty, Vol. 1
Zac Gorman, CJ Cannon

Incal book coverThe Incal: Classic Collection
Alejandro Jodorowski, Moebius


Jerusalem book coverJerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City
Guy Delisle, Lucy Firoud

Attack on Titan 4 book coverAttack on Titan 4
Hajime Isayama

Best American Comics 2014 book cover


Getting Down with The Get Down

Get Down poster image“You hear that? That is life. And destiny. That is the get down.”

Part two of Netflix series The Get Down recently dropped, and though it isn’t yet available through the Library, we know some of you are already primed to lose yourselves in the music, the style, the art, and the drama of the Bronx in the late 1970s.

The fascinating world of early hip hop is one born of frustrations, passions, and even activism. To experience more of this electric era, try one of these:

Hip Hop Family Tree vol 1 cover


Hip Hop Family Tree 1: 1970s – 1981 by Ed Piskor

The early days of hip hop have become the stuff of myth, so what better way to document this epic true story than in an explosively entertaining, encyclopedic history presented in graphic format? Piskor’s exuberant cartooning takes you from the parks and rec rooms of the South Bronx to the night clubs, recording studios, and radio stations where the scene started to boom. The Hip Hop Family Tree is an exciting and essential cultural chronicle for hip hop fans, pop-culture addicts, and anyone who wants to know how it went down back in the day.

Wild Style DVD cover


Wild Style, directed, produced, and written by Charlie Ahearn

A perfect point of contrast to a series that recreates the emergence of hip hop is one that was created during the era in question! Wild Style is a 1983 docudrama that celebrates the colorful lives of teens who live in the South Bronx (sound familiar?). There they are seen break dancing, creating graffiti art, and listening to raucous rap. One focus is on the figure of Zoro, who likes to spray-paint subway cars, another reference point from The Get Down in the character of Dizzee, played by Jaden Smith.

Adventures of Grandmaster Flash book cover


The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash: My Life, My Beats by Grandmaster Flash with David Ritz

In the 1970s Grandmaster Flash pioneered the art of break-beat DJing–the process of remixing and thereby creating a new piece of music by playing vinyl records and turntables as musical instruments. In this powerful memoir, Flash recounts how music from the streets, much like rock ‘n’ roll a generation before, became the sound of an era, as well as his own rise to stardom, descent into addiction, and ultimate redemption.


Get Down soundtrack cover

The Get Down: Original Soundtrack from the Netflix Original Series

Whether you’ve seen the series and can’t let it go or you want to experience it vicariously, the series soundtrack will satisfy your yen. Featuring both original songs and era classics, the line up includes artists such as Miguel, Christina Aguilera, Michael Kiwanuka, Janelle Monae, and Donna Summer, as well as the talented cast. Consider this your hot summer soundtrack!

Staff Resolution Feature: Adding Style Variety to My Book Diet

Winter Reading image

One feature of this year’s Adult Winter Reading is that you decide your own reading resolutions. Whether your goals are modest or ambitious, we’ll cheer you on! To help inspire and spark ideas, we’ll be sharing resolutions here every week, so keep checking back to see what other resolute readers are striving to achieve!

Who: Linda from IT Services

What is your reading resolution?

My Reading Resolution for the Winter Reading Program is to read five different genres or styles of books. There have been so many great mystery/thriller/psychological novels recently that I have been reading a lot of those, so I decided I wanted to return to reading a wider variety of books.

What are you thinking of reading to complete your resolution?

So far I have read a diary format novel, a graphic novel, and an alternative history novel. Next I plan to read a non-fiction study of animal behavior.

Have you completed a resolution yet? How did it go?

I enjoyed Daytripper by Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá even though I seldom read graphic novels. I found it to be a moving, thought-provoking story.  And the graphic design and choice of color palettes in the various sections strongly evoked the emotions being portrayed.

Now it’s your turn!
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Staff Resolution Feature: Trying Graphic Novels for the First Time

Winter Reading image

One feature of this year’s Adult Winter Reading is that you decide your own reading resolutions. Whether your goals are modest or ambitious, we’ll cheer you on! To help inspire and spark ideas, we’ll be sharing resolutions here every week, so keep checking back to see what other resolute readers are striving to achieve!

Picture of AnneWho: Anne from Research Services

What is one of your reading resolutions?

My resolution was pretty simple–to read a genre other than mystery or general historical fiction. I’ve read graphic novels before but thought I’d try another one. The Exile by Diana Gabaldon caught my eye. The illustrations were dazzling and detailed and the story swept me into a Scotland centuries in the past. It was a good experience; I will keep trying different graphic novels just to have a more cinematic reading experience.

Why did you choose that?

I thought I was getting in a rut in my reading experience. I see so many books in my work at the Library and I find I do not read as widely as I’d like. I thought I’d change that a little this year.

What are you thinking of reading to complete your other resolutions?

I may try reading a science fiction or fantasy novel. To balance that I’ll read a non-fiction book, perhaps a biography. There is so much to choose at MPPL!

Now it’s your turn!
Share your reading resolutions on the MPPL Facebook page, on Twitter, or in person at the Fiction/AV/Teen Services Desk.

Graphic Novel: Grandville Noël by Bryan Talbot

Grandville Noel book coverUnicorn cult leader pursued by Victorian badger detective and Pinkerton cowboy is hardly the recipe for a traditional holiday story, and that surprise is what makes Grandville Noël  irresistible. Creator Bryan Talbot plays with expectations in a Christmas installment of the steampunk Wind in the Willows-like Grandville series that can be thoroughly entertaining even to newcomers.

Interplay of sepia and color, along with an elegance of line, illuminates in bold detail both action scenes and quieter moments. You’ll be riveted by Scotland Yard Inspector LeBrock’s efforts to rescue a vulnerable young woman who has been dazzled by promises of acceptance and love, proving that the fantasy-allegory-mystery-thriller hybrid speaks to themes of the season after all.

Graphic Novel: Daytripper by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá

Daytripper book cover“It’s a story about death.”
“It’s really about life…but death has a big part in it.”

Brás de Oliva Domingos makes his living writing obituaries. From the facts of death and the moments of life, he recreates stories. Sifting through the existences of others makes a man contemplate his own. What moments had greatest impact? Were they beginnings? Endings? Which choices led to one or the other? Rarely are those answers simple, and Daytripper is an ethereal, meditative exploration of possibilities.

Authors Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá gracefully lead readers back and forth within Brás’ life, illustrating key experiences and variations on his death. Though moments are heart-wrenching, the sum total is strangely uplifting, and what remains even after multiple scenarios is a sense of wonder at the meaning one life may hold.

Staff Pick: The Adventures of Unemployed Man by Erich Origen

Joe from Research Services suggests The Adventures of Unemployed Man by Erich Origen

The Adventures of Unemployed Man book coverFollow the amazing adventures of Unemployed Man, formerly known as The Ultimatum until good intentions and a stand against The Man got him The Boot. Shrewd, witty commentary on the state of the economy and the roots of our nation’s fiscal woes inform the action in this cleverly written, beautifully illustrated graphic novel. The parody is ripped straight from today’s headlines—supervillains like Cobra (he’ll cover your insurance after being laid off, only $200 a month!) and Kollectus (he comes after outstanding debts and takes everything) show up alongside heroes such as perpetual grad student Master of Degrees, fix-it-with-tape Ducto, pain-shrinking therapist Good Grief, and Wonder Mother (she built her invisible jet from pieces of the glass ceiling), all presented in a dead-on tribute to many classic comic book styles.

The parody is not limited to the characters, however; the book itself is organized as a parody of a comic book, right down to the inclusion of phony ads for products and a wickedly funny section titled Fantastic Facts. This would be a good book for fans of graphic novels or superheroes with a twist, or anyone looking for an interesting presentation of basic socioeconomics in an easy to follow format.

Interested in more books about economics? Try…

The Big Squeeze book coverThe Big Squeeze: Tough Times for the American Worker, by Steven Greenhouse

A bleak picture of the current environment for the American worker,with an  emphasis on the role corporations play.




The Pursuit of Other Interests book coverThe Pursuit of Other Interests by Jim Kokoris

A Chicago ad exec suddenly loses his job, and with the help of assorted colorful new friends gains a new perspective on his life through a series of unfamiliar challenges.




Interested in the superhero elements? Try…

Superheroes book cover


Superheroes, edited by John Varley

A collection of superhero-themed stories with an ironic, antihero twist.




Inside Straight book cover

Inside Straight, edited by George R.R. Martin

From the classic Wild Cards series, this mosaic novel sometimes humorously, sometimes matter-of-factly presents a universe where extranormal abilities are an accepted fact, with characters competing to win a new reality show, American Hero.

New Book Spotlight: Tin Stars by Jeff Lemire

Descender_Tin StarsA boy named Tim wakes from a ten-year sleep on a moon mining colony. He is a companion android designed to entertain and protect an assigned human child, but he finds himself alone and under attack. Tin Stars, the first collected volume of the Descender series by Jeff Lemire, begins with shocking galactic catastrophe, but it’s when we meet the earnest young Tim-21 that it truly launches.

A grown-up story of both wonder and action, real fears of technology-run-amok are balanced with complex character and heart. In addition to a plot that excites the mind, the gorgeous watercolor illustrations by Dustin Nguyen evoke a nuanced future both beautiful and terrible. The end result is a fully-realized shared vision, one that transports, provokes, and captivates.