Speaking of Toxic Spills

Zodiac DVD coverWhile an oil spill isn’t Sangamon Taylor’s usual target, he’d know what to do.  A self-described “Toxic Spiderman”, Taylor is an activist with GEE, the Group of Environmental Extremists.  Boasting biochemical expertise and a genius for industrial espionage, he publicly humiliates corporations who contaminate our natural resources with hazardous waste.  His current suspicions of illegal dumping in Boston Harbor will lead to speedboat chases, threats from fans of a heavy metal band, bombs and booby traps, an assassination attempt on a presidential candidate, and radioactive lobsters.  Author Neal Stephenson describes Zodiac as “a 1930s hard-boiled crime novel dressed up as a 1980s eco-thriller.”  A Sam Spade that wears a wet suit instead of a trench coat might be just what the world needs.