Who’s That Woman in the Leopard Print Sweater?

Love Tattoo album cover Imelda May played the 2010 Grammys. No, really. She did. And still nobody on this side of the ocean knows about her. The Dublin-born, femme fatale is a triple platinum, rockabilly superstar in Europe. It’s no wonder, with an album like Love Tattoo. May’s got a scorcher of a voice that can get you hot-footing with songs like “Johnny Got a Boom Boom” and “Big Bad Handsome Man.” Then she’ll slow it on down with something lonely, like “Meet You at the Moon.” Though the album’s mixing slightly hides May’s voice behind the bass (making the vocals sound a bit far away), Love Tattoo is the perfect album for all you greasers and dolls looking for a swinging, swell time.