When A Classics Professor Writes Fantasy

Blood of Ambrose book cover Patty of Fiction/AV/Teen Services recommends The Blood of Ambrose by James Enge:

The heir to the Empire of Ontil is a twelve-year-old, recently orphaned boy named Lathmar. Lord Urdhven, Lathmar’s uncle, will stop at nothing to secure the empire for himself. It is up to Morlock Ambrosius to save the child king, but who will save Morlock? He may be the most skillful magicker in the land and one of the deadliest swordsmen ever, but he’s also a hopeless drunk. For those of you that enjoy HBO’s Game of Thrones, try the gritty sword and sorcery of The Blood of Ambrose, written by the World Fantasy Award-nominated, fantasist extraordinaire, James Enge.