What to Watch from Home – More Staff Digital Picks

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Challenging times leave us eager for escape, and while some lean on old favorites for comfort, others seek excitement through new discoveries. If you are looking for fresh ideas of what to watch through Hoopla and Kanopy with your library card, take advantage of staff-curated favorites! We can also help with customized suggestions for what you might enjoy watching.

Faces Places movie image


Faces Places – available on Kanopy

(French) A documentary and road-trip film in which two artists team up and travel around France, forming an unlikely friendship. A heartwarming, touching viewing experience. ~Al


What We Do in the Shadows series image


What We Do in the Shadows – available on Hoopla and Kanopy

For fans of ridiculousness, vampires, and laughs! ~Chelsea


Forger movie image


The Forger – available on Hoopla

The world’s best art forger makes a deal with a crime syndicate to get an early release from prison, but in return he must pull of an impossible heist. John Travolta at his best! ~Denise


Mona Lisa Smile movie image


Mona Lisa Smile – available on Hoopla

Inspiring performances about gender roles in the 1950s, with timeless emotions and frustrations that are still relevant today ~Nancy


Rosencrantz and Guildenstern movie image


Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead – available on Hoopla

Two minor characters are not quite sure what they are doing in the world of Hamlet, but they’re pretty good at faking it, and they may just discover the laws of physics along the way. ~Cathleen


The Fits movie image

The Fits – available on Kanopy

An 11-year-old boxer, Toni, decides to join a dance team that also trains at her gym. The dancers begin to suffer from mysterious spasms, and Toni does whatever she can to fit in. Often described as “hypnotic,” The Fits packs a punch in 72 minutes. Don’t miss this unique drama! ~Al


Loving Vincent movie image


Loving Vincent – available on Hoopla and Kanopy

If you want to get lost in the life and brushstrokes of Van Gogh… ~Chelsea


Suddenly Single movie image


David E. Talbert’s Suddenly Single – available on Hoopla

Staring Grey’s Anatomy‘s Isaiah Washington. Totally heartfelt with some laughs thrown in! ~Denise


Strictly Ballroom movie image


Strictly Ballroom – available on Hoopla

Flamboyant and manic, Baz Luhrmann’s crowd-pleasing debut bedazzles classic dance partner storylines with Aussie individuality. ~Cathleen


Holy Motors movie image


Holy Motors – available on Kanopy

(French) Holy Motors shows us Monsieur Oscar’s job running around Paris, transforming into different characters in his limousine. It is full of mystery, dancing, and surreal moments. ~Chelsea



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