What Has Mount Prospect Been Resolving and Reading?


One feature of this year’s Adult Winter Reading is that you decide your own reading resolutions. Whether your goals are modest or ambitious, we’ll cheer you on! It’s not too late to participate in Winter Reading. You still have a few days to share what you’ve been striving to achieve, enter to win some neat prizes, and share your experiences on the community pillar.

Take a look at what your neighbors have been sharing.

Mount Prospect readers have resolved to…

picture of reading resolutions for winter reading

1. Get back into actively reading.

2. Read: A Brontë sister book, a Mormon studies books, a January 2017 or February 2017 book of the month club book, a non-Brontë work of classic literature, and some thing that has been sitting on my Goodreads reading list for over a year.

3. I will finally read a Western.

4. Read five different genre/styles of books for the Winter Reading Program.

Some books read so far have been…

picture of books read for winter reading
  1. Nicotine by Nell Zink
    Zink’s books are for those who find sameness and predictability maddening and who despise boring characters. Zink creates situations that are messy and uncomfortable, but the ick factor is worth pushing through to see what kinds of ideals will pop into her character’s head next. -Carol

Presence by Amy Cuddy
I love the idea of fake it until you become it!

I read Men Explains Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit spontaneously. I saw a copy of the modest paperback and that brightly sarcastic title called to me. When I wasn’t laughing at her sharp humor, I was crying in fury… and now I recommend it to everyone.

Flight by Sherman Alexie
A young troubled boy, an orphan, finds his way when her goes into a time warp. He discovers what is important and who really loves him. Sometimes very brutal!

Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Brontë
Anne was the BEST Brontë!

Now it’s your turn!
Share your reading resolutions on the MPPL Facebook page, on Twitter, or in person at the Fiction/AV/Teen Services Desk.