What Does Genre Mean?

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For the DIY Designers, Round One has a step asking you to read a book from your favorite genre and another step for you to read a book from a genre you haven’t tried before.

What do we mean when we are talking about genre?
Genre is the general category of a book based on its content, style, and form. As an example, in order for a book to be considered a part of the romance genre, the development of a romantic relationship has to be the main part of the plot and has to have a happy ending. Other well-known genres include mysteries, fantasy, science fiction, and westerns.

To help you find books from different genres, we have added lists featuring a variety of categories and options to sample to our book binder at the Fiction/AV/Teen services desk.

Picture of Binder

If you would like to explore your favorite genre more, staff can help direct you to niche categories within your favorite genre you can try out called subgenres.

What do you mean by subgenre?
Subgenres are a smaller category of books within their main genre category that have similarities with content, style, or form. An example of a subgenre would be police procedurals. These books have puzzles that the character and readers are trying to solve, and as a result would be considered a mystery book. However, a lot of mysteries have a similar format where they follow police officers as they try to solve a crime.

Here are a few other subgenres to try out.

Caper Novels

The Lies of Locke Lamora cover imageLies of Locke Lamora
by Scott Lynch
Zombie Fiction

World War Z book coverWorld War Z
by Max Brooks
Historical Romance

Nothing Like a Duke book coverNothing Like a Duke
by Jane Ashford


Exploring genres is a fun rabbit hole to fall down into and an adventure we would be happy to join you on. Stop by the Library or email us at readers@mppl.org and we will guide you in all of your genre needs!