What Can Escape A Civil War-Era Tomb?

99 Coffins book cover If you are looking for a sharp-toothed, vicious vampire tale try David Wellington’s 99 Coffins. 99 coffins are found by undergrad students on an archaeological dig on the grounds of the Gettysburg Battlefield. These coffins contain the 150-year-old remains of vampires. Laura Caxton is a vampire-killing, modern-day cop hunting down the lone blood-sucker that escaped from the dig. Then there is the Civil War-era story of the vampire himself, told through letters and journal entries of his long-dead, soldier colleagues. Perhaps there is more to this vampire’s story than ripping flesh apart in want of blood… After you finish the fast-paced, horror thriller 99 Coffins, check out Laura Caxton’s vampire-slaying past in Wellington’s 13 Bullets.