War book coverLarry of Fiction/AV/Teen Services recommends War by Sebastian Junger:

Journalist Sebastian Junger describes the experiences of a platoon of American troops with whom he was imbedded in the remote Korangal Valley of Afghanistan. Junger describes the constant danger and discusses how soldiers cope with nonstop fear and being alert to respond at any time. Soldiers encounter an inhospitable environment, no privacy and the inability to maintain personal hygiene. Junger describes the bonds that form among the troops under these adverse conditions. Then there is how the physical and mental stress affects soldiers when they attempt to return to civilian life.

This is a story of survival, fortitude and maintaining a sense of purpose. War is a testament to personal strength and dedication, written in a fast-paced prose with all the emotion and imagery of the experience. As with his previous books, Junger has written an excellent work of nonfiction.