To Have and Have Not

To Have and to Have Not DVD coverIn 1944, Warner Brothers released the romantic thriller To Have and Have Not, loosely based on Ernest Hemingway’s novel of the same title.  Interestingly enough, William Faulkner, a literary rival of Hemingway, co-wrote the screenplay for the film.  This was also Lauren Bacall’s first movie role, and marked the start of the love affair between Bacall and the film’s star Humphrey Bogart.  The story takes place in Martinique where we find struggling fishing boat captain Harry “Steve” Morgan (Bogart) reluctantly helping the French Resistance smuggle people off the island.  Soon thereafter Morgan meets an attractive American pickpocket, Marie “Slim” Browning, and a steamy relationship ensues.  The all-star cast also includes Hoagy Carmichael and Walter Brennan.