Three Girls and Their Brother

Three Girls and their Brother book coverThe adage that one picture is worth a thousand words seems an understatement in the world of the Heller sisters.  In their case, a single photo of the three striking redheads transforms them into the latest obsession in the cult of celebrity. Three Girls and Their Brother, a debut novel by acclaimed playwright Theresa Rebeck, allows each of the girls her turn in telling the story, along with brother Philip who is unceremoniously pushed aside.  Daria, Polly, and Amelia are catapulted into the life of the famous and adored, but this also marks them as easy prey to those who want to capitalize on their sudden fame.  As their celebrity climbs higher, their standards sink lower, and they find themselves seen more as products than as people.  Three Girls and Their Brother captures the tabloid appeal of being simultaneously vacuous and mesmerizing, and you will find yourself thoroughly caught up in the spectacle.