The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer book coverMichael Connelly’s 2005 thriller The Lincoln Lawyer revolves around defense lawyer Mickey Haller and his experiences with a menagerie of accused criminals who look to him to keep them out of jail.  Mickey finds that the law isn’t always black and white, and knows that as a defense attorney the question isn’t one of guilt or innocence, but rather one of guilty or not guilty.   In fact it’s the idea of having a truly innocent client that really worries Mickey, because he fears he might not recognize innocence if he sees it.  When a wealthy and respected realtor from Beverly Hills chooses Mickey to represent him against attempted murder charges, Mickey is more than happy to take the case knowing full well he will make a great deal of money in doing so.  And on top of that Mickey is pretty sure the case will be a snap to defend.  But when someone close to him is murdered and troubling information arises about a past client, Mickey must act fast to protect himself and determine who’s truly innocent and who’s truly evil.