The Girls

The Girls book coverBarb of  Fiction/AV/Teen Services recommends The Girls by Lori Lansens:

The Girls is a wonderful, rich story about the oldest living conjoined twins, Rose and Ruby Darlen.  In their own voices, the girls tell their story of growing up together and never being able to look each other in the eye because they are conjoined at the head.  Abandoned at birth, the girls are adopted by the delivery nurse.  On a farm in Ontario the nurse, Aunt Lovey and her husband Stash, raise the girls with love and encouragement to live normal, independent lives even though they have been advised by doctors that they will never grow and be able to walk on their own.  The girls are certainly not expected to live past their 30th birthday.  As that day approaches, Rose decides to write her autobiography and encourages Ruby to include her thoughts.  The novel’s biggest achievement is that it brings to life these two extraordinary characters with such great success that you forget you are reading a work of fiction.