Sweets to the Sweet

Sugar Queen book coverChloe has always had a special relationship with books, but it’s not something that she can easily explain.  You see, books magically appear any time she needs them – and sometimes even when she doesn’t want them.  Currently her personal life is suffering problems, but it is embarrassing to have self-help books popping up at her sandwich shop.  Her newest customer, Josey, has issues of her own.  She spends all her time trying to please her impossible mother, she is in love with her mailman, her secret pleasure is sneaking sugary treats, and she has a strange woman living in her closet.  In The Sugar Queen, a worthy follow-up to last year’s bestselling debut Garden Spells, Sarah Addison Allen again enchants with a story sparkling in sweetness and warmth.  From one candy-themed chapter to the next, readers will be utterly charmed by this clever confection of sugar and spice.