The Sight of the Stars

The Sight of the Stars book coverBarb Bisbee from the Fiction/AV/Teen department gives this review of The Sight of the Stars by Belva Plain:

In Belva Plain’s The Sight of the Stars, we meet Adam Arnring.  In 1907 Adam turns 19 years old and decides to leave his family in New Jersey to find his fortune out west.  He takes his first step toward achieving this goal and finds himself in Chattahoochee, Texas where he obtains a job in a small, run-down department store. Adam quickly takes charge and makes quite a success with his creative ideas. As the years go by, Adam works hard, meets and falls in love with Emma. World War I starts as Adam and Emma marry. Tragedy strikes with repercussions that affect the family throughout the years. The Sight of the Stars tells us what may happen when we try to capture our dreams and the decisions that can change lives forever.