The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Brontë

Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte book coverIt’s always the quiet ones, isn’t it?  Lest you assume the Victorian author of classic Jane Eyre led an uneventful life, Laura Joh Rowland imagines a much more thrilling existence in The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Brontë.   On a rare but necessary journey from her country home to London, mild-mannered Charlotte finds herself an unwitting eyewitness to the shocking murder of a young woman she had met only a day earlier.  Before long, the authoress is drawn into a world of espionage and conspiracy, and she must work closely with a charming stranger who may not be who he claims.  Charlotte is more than equal to the challenge, and she discovers in herself a strength and passion that she had before only experienced in her heroines, and in circumstances that she could never have imagined.