A World War II What If

Second Objective book coverWhat if the Germans, in a last-gasp effort, trained English-speaking soldiers to infiltrate the Allied lines just before the Battle of the Bulge?  Moreover, what if an elite unit within the team had a second directive – to assassinate General Eisenhower?  Such is the premise of The Second Objective, a fast-paced thriller named the best of the adrenaline genre (including all suspense, thriller, and action-adventure titles) for this year by The Reading List Council.  Author Mark Frost deftly mixes a well-realized cast of both real-life and fictional characters into an expertly crafted plot that hurdles toward a white-knuckled climax.  Rich in detail and menacing in tone, Frost somehow manages to generate incredible suspense in the face of historical fact.  As one review succinctly notes, this is thriller gold.