The Mom and Pop Store

The Mom and Pop Store book cover Patti of Reference Services recommends The Mom & Pop Store:  How the Unsung Heroes of the American Economy are Surviving and Thriving by Robert Spector:

For two years, Robert Spector visited diners, bakeries, repair shops, bookstores, groceries, retailers and other small businesses. The Mom & Pop Store goes beyond nostalgia of the quaint shopkeeper by recognizing that small business success comes with tremendous hard work and investment. Small business owners depend on return business; they know how to market to neighborhoods, build relationships with their customers and deliver exceptional service. I appreciated the author’s account of his visit to Dinkel’s Bakery on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago.  After three generations of ownership, this remains the bakery of my family’s choosing. Spector reminded me that there are many opportunities in Mount Prospect for us to patronize quality, locally-owned businesses.