The Daughter She Thought She Knew

Reconstructing Amelia book coverFans of the fast-paced, twisty Gone Girl will want to plunge into Reconstructing Amelia.  Already battling working single-mother guilt, Kate is stunned to be called to her daughter’s private school after allegations of cheating.  On arrival she stumbles into emergency workers surrounding the crumpled body of a student and is shattered to be told her own Amelia has committed suicide.  Weeks later, Kate is sent a text which reads simply, “Amelia didn’t jump.”  Told in alternating voices by mother and daughter, Kate’s quest to find out what actually happened unearths startling revelations.  Was Amelia not the good girl she appeared to be?  Would someone wish her actual harm?  Kimberly McCreight’s mesmerizing debut makes the most of painful secrets and devastating betrayal.