The Creative Works of Georgette Heyer

Georgette Heyer author photoDiane of Fiction/AV/Teen Services recommends the delightfully clever works of Georgette Heyer:

Georgette Heyer is credited with inventing the historical romance subgenre known as the Regency romance. Her books, set in England during the early 19th century Regency era, are admired to this day for their meticulous research, sparkling wit, authentic colloquialisms, and inventive plots which include arranged marriages, cross-dressing, and the aristocracy. Heyer’s light comedy-of-manners romances set the tone for this entire genre.

When asked about her books, Heyer commented, “I think myself I ought to be shot for writing such nonsense…but it’s unquestionably good escapist literature, and I think I should rather like it if I were sitting in an air-raid shelter or recovering from flu.”