Rear Window

Rear Window DVD coverThe classic Alfred Hitchcock thriller Rear Window, based on Cornell Woolrich’s short story, “It Had to be Murder”, was released in 1954 by Paramount Pictures. In it Jimmy Stewart plays L. B. Jeffries, a photographer who’s confined to his apartment after severely breaking his leg. Finding himself with nothing much to do, he begins watching the daily happenings in the courtyard outside his window. He soon begins to suspect that a man living on the other side of the courtyard has murdered his wife, and he becomes obsessed with watching the man’s apartment day and night, desperate to find proof for his suspicions. As Jeffries comes closer to solving the mystery, the tension in the film steadily increases. Considered by many critics and scholars to be one of Hitchcock’s best and most thrilling pictures, Rear Window also stars legendary actors Grace Kelly and Raymond Burr.