The Book of Bright Ideas

Book of Bright Ideas book cover“Bright Idea #84:  When you go through a new town that don’t look like much, stop anyway, because you just might find a best friend waiting there.”  So begins a fast friendship between nine-year-olds Winnalee Malone and “Button” Peters in The Book of Bright Ideas.  Winnalee, who arrives in the quiet Wisconsin town with her free-spirited older sister, carries everywhere her two prized possessions:  an urn containing her mother’s ashes and a book in which she records clues to the secrets of life.  Button hardly knows what to make of this strange girl, and she tells the story of the eventful summer in which two wildly different families are brought together through a series of unexpected events.  The girls continue to collect lessons for Winnalee’s book, but it is the discovery of a much bigger secret that will truly change their lives.  The Book of Bright Ideas is written by Sandra Kring, whose debut was celebrated with Carry Me Home.