Teacher Man

Teacher Man book coverFrank McCourt is well loved by many for his lyrical prose and captivating storytelling.  In Teacher Man, the third installment of his autobiographical series, he gives readers an honest view of the difficulties facing teachers in America.  He knows of this first-hand after teaching in New York City for some 30 years.  No punches are pulled in McCourt’s critique of the bureaucracy in the higher echelons of the school system, a bureaucracy which often impedes teaching and learning in the classroom.  At times praised by administrators for his unique teaching style and at other times severely chastised, he refused to give up even when it seemed he wasn’t getting through to anyone.  Though he considered himself a “fraud” through many of his years teaching, readers will see that he persevered where many would not, even after a being fired a few times.  This honest portrayal of teaching in the classroom is balanced with anecdotes of McCourt’s life outside the classroom.  Though dealing with an unglamorous subject, McCourt’s trademark wit and wisdom imbue the book with energy and humor.  Which of Frank McCourt’s books has been your favorite?