Taylor Swift References in Songs

With the announcement of Taylor Swift’s latest album coming out November 10th and a new single out, Taylor Swift is intentionally back in the public eye. As a celebrity and singer that writes about her own experiences with people, it is not surprising that there would be songs written about her.

Compiled below are a few songs in which it’s surmised by a significant amount of people that the songs contain a reference to Taylor Swift in some manner, whether it’s as overt as saying her name (Kanye West’s “Famous”) or as subtle as a line that seems to mimic the nature of one of her relationships (One Direction’s “History”).

pentatonix album cover

Pentatonix by Pentatonix
Song: “Rose Gold”

One Direction Made in the A.M. album coverMade in the A.M. by One Direction
Song: Perfect”

John Mayer Paradise Valley album coverParadise Valley by John Mayer
Song: “Paper Doll”



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