Surprising Authors Who Wrote Science Fiction

George R.R. Martin has published science fiction books? C.S. Lewis wrote a space trilogy? Why yes, they did! While known for writing in different genres, these and other popular authors have made their way into the frontier of science fiction. Try one of these titles below, or a different science fiction book and you can enter to win a prize! Read here for more details.

Hunter's Run book cover

Creator of A Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin is most known for his fantasy writing. However, in Hunter’s Run he collaborates with Gardner Dozois and Daniel Abraham to write a science fiction adventure about a man on the run from police, fugitive aliens, murder mysteries, and deadly planets.

Out of the Silent Planet book cover


C.S. Lewis is well-known for his fantasy series “The Chronicles of Narnia”, as well as his writings on Christianity. He also wrote a science fiction trilogy where a college academic, Dr. Ransom, is abducted by an alien space ship. Out of the Silent Planet is the first in the trilogy.

Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World book cover


Known for his works of literary magical realism, such as 1Q84 and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Haruki Murakami creates a collision of eclectic characters, electronic brainwashing, and an intricate world set in the near future in Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World.

Best Science Fiction of Arthur Conan Doyle book cover


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the man behind the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, but he over fifty years he also wrote short stories about eternal life, time travel, and mind-swapping. The fourteen science fiction tales are collected in The Best Science Fiction of Arthur Conan Doyle.

Blue Light book cover


Hardboiled mystery writer Walter Mosley takes his readers to 1960s San Francisco, where a light flashes across the earth and anyone touched by it is ascended into a higher level of understanding in Blue Light.