Super Dynamation!

Art of Ray Harryhausen book coverRay Harryhausen is an originator and compulsive creator in the field of special effects. He’s most well known for his stop motion animation. Dinosaurs, fairy tales, skeleton armies, giant bees, ancient mythology, mechanical owls, Sinbad and cyclopses – Harryhausen has made them all. The Art of Ray Harryhausen showcases the development of Harryhausen’s career. Early inspiration points – like the 1925 film The Lost World and architect Joseph Gandy – are explored. Harryhausen’s own work is divided into categories (aliens, creatures, prehistoric, etc.) wherein personal essays accompany preliminary sketches, storyboards, models and more. Once you’ve seen the still frames try one of Harryhausen’s films; The Clash of the Titans is a classic.