Start Poetry Month With Pop Sonnets by Erik Didriksen

Pop Sonnets book coverNational Poetry Month begins April 1st! Gear up for the month with poetry that might sound more familiar than you’d think. If you ever wondered what Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again” or Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” would sound like written as a Shakespearean sonnet, look no further than Pop Sonnets by Erik Didriksen. Didriksen breaks down popular songs throughout the years into five categories, Sonnets of Love, Sonnets of Despair, Songs of Time and Mortality, Rogues, Rascals, and Wanton Woman, and Ballads of Heroes, ultimately adding up to be a humorous, yet profound collection!

“–And thus, the rest is silence, save to say
that such a life was mine, lived all my way.”
Frank Sinatra, “My Way”