Star Wars References in Movies and TV

Happy Star Wars Day!

Whether you’re a fan of the movies and books or not, Star Wars has seeped into American media with references big and small. Check out a few of those references in movies and television here! Looking for more? Browse Wired for more Star Wars pop culture references in the 2012 article “35 Greatest Star Wars Tributes of All Time.”

Spaceballs DVD cover


The cult classic Spaceballs was made to be a parody of Star Wars. This 1987 film includes characters such as Darth Helm (modeled after Darth Vader), Princess Vespa (Princess Leia), Barf the Mawg (Chewbacca), Dot Matrix (C-3P0), and LoneStarr (Han Solo and Luke Skywalker).




Armageddon DVD cover


While the 1999 action film Armageddon only has a few minor mentions of Star Wars, it uses those moments as an opportunity for humor. One reference is between Ben Affleck’s character, A.J., and Owen Wilson’s character, Oscar, as they are working to save Earth from being destroyed by a meteor:

A.J.: “If anybody’s anybody, I’m Han and you’re… you’re Chewbacca.”
Oscar: “Chewie? Have you even seen Star Wars?”


30 Rock Season 3 TV cover


The Star Wars reference in the quirky TV comedy 30 Rock: Season 3 (episode 14) is quick, but it packs a punch. Tina Fey as Liz Lemon dressed up as Princess Leia to get out of jury duty? Yes, please!



May the 4th be with you!