Staff Resolution Feature: Buzzed About Books and Elizabeth Gaskell

One feature of this year’s Adult Winter Reading is that you decide your own reading resolutions. Whether your goals are modest or ambitious, we’ll cheer you on! To help inspire and spark ideas, we’ll be sharing resolutions here every week, so check back next week to see what other people are striving for!

Picture of Jenny

Who: Jenny from Fiction/AV/Teen Services

What are some of your reading resolutions?

The two I am most excited to finish is to read a book I keep hearing people talk about and to finish North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell.

Why did you choose those?

I keep seeing The Hating Game by Sally Thorne pop up on several of my friends’ Goodreads pages and have heard a lot of my co-workers talk about it. Their enthusiasm for the book is contagious! If I make it a resolution to read it, I can join in the conversation now while they are still buzzing about it, rather than accidentally push it off for other books.

A friend and I started reading North and South together a few years ago. We got about halfway through until we both got distracted from it, so it’s been sitting on my currently reading shelf for 4 years! I finally want to get it off my shelf and doing that at the start of 2017 would be a great start to my reading year.

Now it’s your turn!
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