Staff Hoopla Picks: Music to Get You Moving

Staff Music Picks

Has being limited to home day after day left you listless? Or perhaps you find yourself vibrating with energy to burn? Either way, Hoopla has music to get you moving for your own personal dance party. Staff nominated albums that tap their toes, sway their hips, and cause their heads to bob. Each is available to you from home, so don’t hesitate to take a spin on the floor. Let’s start the music!

Dancing on My Own cover

Dancing on My Own: Remixes by Robyn
If you are literally dancing on your own right now, here’s 40 straight minutes of dance music to bop along to, built around Robyn’s pop single, “Dancing On My Own.” While hard to choose, the Jackwob remix was my favorite; I found it captured the fun angst of the song the best! ~Jenny



Fame Monster coverAllison L. recommends
The Fame Monster
Lady Gaga
“danceable, theatrical, likely nostalgic for many”
Back to Black coverEmily recommends
Back to Black
Amy Winehouse
“sultry tunes to dance to”
(also recommended by Kelda and Chelsea)
Racine Carree CD coverCathleen recommends
Racine Carrée
“irresistible blend of genres and cultures in rhythms that bewitch”


80s Mixtape coverDenise recommends
80s Mixtape
“get your groove on and party like it’s 1989”

Future Nostalgia coverAbby recommends
Future Nostalgia
Dua Lipa
Gold coverLaura recommends
The Mavericks


Best of cover BowieChelsea recommends
Best of Bowie
David Bowie
ABBA Gold coverDenise recommends
Wild Young Hearts coverCathleen recommends
Wild Young Hearts


Night Visions coverChelsea recommends
Night Visions
Imagine Dragons
Highwomen coverEmily recommends
The Highwomen
The Highwomen
Baja Sessions coverLaura recommends

Chris Isaak