Sophia Tolstoy

Sophia Tolstoy book coverDonna C. of Fiction/AV/Teen Services recommends Sophia Tolstoy: A Biography by Alexandra Popoff:

Leo Tolstoy was surrounded by a circle of followers who sought to vilify his wife Sophia and drive the couple apart.  Until recently, biographers were mostly content to continue this bleak portrayal of Mrs. Tolstoy.  But in Alexandra Popoff’s engaging biography, Sophia Tolstoy, we find a committed and adoring wife who bears 13 children, runs the household and even assists with editing Leo’s novels.  Sophia is Leo’s muse, and their love is deep and passionate.  Yet Sophia watches in dismay as her husband’s charming personality succumbs to feverish, moody radicalism.  Leo disavows property, education and religion, and, eventually, even his loyal wife. The dramatic and tragic story is rendered beautifully in this exceptional biography.