Tough Times and Silver Linings

Thank you for all things book coverYou won’t find many twelve-year-olds who are well-versed in the theories of Freud and Jung, and Lucy McGowan isn’t even the smart one in her family.  An aspiring psychologist, Lucy has plenty of material: her profoundly gifted twin brother Milo, her New Age grandmother, her romance-writing (but commitment-phobic) mother, and the blank where her father should be.  In Thank You for All Things, the family travels back to visit a dying grandfather who has scarred his family unimaginably.  While there, Lucy determines to use her photographic memory and her people smarts to uncover the past that has always been hidden from her.  In her follow-up to The Book of Bright Ideas, Sandra Kring introduces an equally precocious and utterly endearing heroine to show what love, forgiveness, and life can be.