Sawdust in Their Blood

Circus DVD coverThere are still people who want to run away to the circus…and they actually do it. PBS’ six hour documentary, Circus, follows the daily grind of the one-ring, European-style Big Apple Circus along its 2008/2009 season. The curtain is pulled back on stage-crew grunts, performers and management alike from show-building during May until the 350th show and final tear-down. There are staggering and fabulous feats of human strength, agility, humor and invention, but there are also unexpected babies, a bomb threat, a recession, cancer, flaring tempers, retirement and other ills. Whether it’s to see the red-nosed clowns, twin jugglers, wirewalkers and trapeze act or to see the sawdust and blood under the big top, Circus has your all access ticket.