Saturday book coverBefore September 11th, most people probably didn’t spend much time thinking about terrorism and war.  After that tragic day it’s often the first thing people think of upon hearing news of a catastrophe.  In England it’s much the same.  For when Englishman Henry Perowne sees a plane ablaze in the early morning sky, his initial reaction is to assume it’s the work of terrorists.  It would certainly make sense because that Saturday was set to be the day of the huge London protest against the war in Iraq.  But Henry soon learns that logical conclusions aren’t always correct.  Though he spent his life raising a happy family and cultivating a successful practice as a neurosurgeon, Henry has in some ways been shielded from the raw complexities of life. Saturday, by Ian McEwan, is a glimpse into one full day in the life of a man who has a unique appreciation for the fragile beauty of every moment, but whose solid footing is shaken when a series of incidents abruptly alter his own life.