Rhett Butler’s People

Rhett butler's People book coverLawbreaker.  Gentleman.  Opportunist.  Hero.  Who exactly is Rhett Butler?  In a new book fully authorized by Margaret Mitchell’s estate, award-winning author Donald McCaig peeks behind the curtain of the man who stole Scarlett O’Hara’s heart.  The title, Rhett Butler’s People, illustrates that this is much more than a simple retelling of Gone with the Wind.  The author examines Rhett’s life, creating a backstory that rings true with the original but which also makes the character his own.  Intriguing new supporting players are introduced, and the narrative revisits favorite characters (such as Ashley and Melanie Wilkes and Belle Watling) in scenes both familiar and fresh.  What results is a complex portrait of life through the transitions of antebellum South to the Civil War and its aftermath, all as experienced by Rhett Butler and his people.

For a real treat, listen to the audiobook of John Bedford Lloyd‘s exceptional unabridged reading of the novel.  His narration perfectly captures the drama, charm, and complexity of the South through all its changes.