New Arrivals: The Lives of Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre  has captured many a heart with its classic heroine’s journey from crushing past to independence and love. We ache with her trials, admire her resilience, and cheer when she defiantly stands up for herself. Jane’s voice has inspired countless new works over the generations, and this season sees the trend in full flourish.

Jane Steele book coverJane Steele: A Confession
by Lyndsay Faye

There are many eerie similarities between Jane Steele’s life and that of her favorite literary character, but her own choices embrace the macabre in this even darker take on the gothic tale: “Reader, I murdered him.”

Reader I Married Him book coverReader, I Married Him
edited by Tracy Chevalier

This collection of 20 original stories by today’s finest women writers — including Tracy Chevalier, Elizabeth McCracken, Audrey Niffenegger, and more — takes inspiration from one of the most famous lines in Charlotte Brontë’s beloved novel.

Madwoman Upstairs book coverThe Madwoman Upstairs
by Catherine Lowell

The last remaining descendant of the Brontës discovers a believed-to-be-destroyed copy of Jane Eyre and embarks on a scavenger hunt for her ancestors’ legacy, one which has ties to events in the authors’ lives and to their classic stories.


Still can’t quit Jane? Reach back and try one of last year’s entries into this literary homage trend.

Bronte Plot book coverThe Brontë Plot
by Katherine Reay

More tribute than re-telling, this story centers on a bookseller who, while visiting famous author sites in England, discovers new revelations of truth in the moral dilemmas and relationship wisdom represented in her favorite novels.

Re Jane book coverRe Jane
by Patricia Park

A half-Korean, half-American orphan takes a position as an au pair for two Brooklyn academics and their daughter, but a brief sojourn in Seoul, where she reconnects with family, causes her to wonder if the man she loves is really the man for her.


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