The Little Tramp Revisited

Chaplin dvdOnly an Iron Man (even before the fact) would take on the daunting task of bringing screen icon Charlie Chaplin to life, and Robert Downey, Jr.’s performance in the 1992 Chaplin is nothing short of a masterwork.  Even before he dons the mustache, hat, and cane, Downey is utterly believable as the irrepressible Chaplin.  His story is dramatized in clever use of both muted black and white and full color scenes, exploring his life from an upbringing in the English slums all the way to an Honorary Oscar in 1972.  Though celebrated for his comedy, Chaplin struggled with sorrow and controversy, and Downey imbues every scene with telling emotion.  Also starring Dan Aykroyd, Anthony Hopkins, and featuring Kevin Kline in a neat turn as Douglas Fairbanks, Chaplin honors a classic legend even as it establishes a modern one.