Music: Summer by George Winston

Summer CD coverWhat’s on your soundtrack for the lazy days of summer? If you haven’t picked out your relaxing instrumentals just yet, consider George Winston’s dreamy piano stylings on Summer. Though some tracks are lightly playful and others exude a mellow grace, each has a soothing airiness that reflects the quieter, unrushed days we so treasure mid-year. Listen in the parks, on the road, or as you doze by the water. Let it play in the background as ambiance during a picnic or while you turn pages of your chosen warm-weather book. It can even count toward your completion of the Adult Summer Reading Program!

Today marks the beginning of Read to the Rhythm (June 1 – July 31), and one choice you have is to watch a DVD or listen to a CD. To register visit our online information page or stop by the Library to design your personal mix of books, movies, and music.