Movies: Rewarding Slower-Paced Films

Taste of Cinema has explored the idea of intentionally watching films that are paced slowly, in their list 20 Slow Films From This Century That Rewards Patience. These films might not have an immediate payoff or packed to the brim with action, but their in-depth look at characters, life, and the surrounding world allow for a different kind of film watching experience. Try one and let us know what you think at the Fiction/AV/Teen services desk on the second floor.

Cover of Wendy And LucyWendy and Lucy

Cover of Colossal YouthColossal Youth

Cover of AlamarAlamar








Cover of Silent LightSilent Light

Cover of ManakamanaManakamana

Cover of Museum HoursMuseum Hours








Cover of SomewhereSomewhere

Cover of Once Upon A Time In AnatoliaOnce Upon a Time in Anatolia

Cover of Syndromes And A CenturySyndromes and a Century









Cover of The Death Of Mr. LazarescuThe Death of Mr. Lazarescu

Cover of Police, AdjectivePolice, Adjective

Cover of Neighboring SoundsNeighboring Sounds