Miscreants, Outlaws and Musicians

jim jarmuschJim Jarmusch is not a timid director. Critics note the “lack of plot” in his films. Jarmusch responds, “…I think they do have plots, but the plot is not of primary importance to me, the characters are.” Jarmusch’s characters are loners. Miscreants. Musicians. Thinkers. Ramblers. Outsiders. Jarmusch isn’t afraid to see America through foreign eyes and different cultural perspectives. You are as likely to find a Native American man obsessed with William Blake in an acid western as the White Stripes discussing Nikola Tesla in a series of vignettes. Start with Broken Flowers, starring Bill Murray. Still all-in? Try Jarmusch’s black and white jailbreak, Down by Law. Move on to the rest of his catalog and you won’t once find a predictable Hollywood film.