Literary Damsels in Distress

Heroines book coverWhen the world is too much with us, we all can appreciate the need to seek respite.  Doesn’t it only make sense that some of the most put-upon heroines in literature might also need to get away from the drama?  In The Heroines, Penny Entwhistle and her mother run a bed-and-breakfast for a rather unusual clientele.  Scarlett O’Hara, Emma Bovary, and Franny Glass are among the guests, and Penny’s mom does her best to soothe their wounded spirits without divulging what awaits in the chapters they have yet to experience.  When thirteen-year-old Penny has an encounter of her own in a nearby wood, the resulting confusion leads to her commitment in a psychiatric ward.  Will Penny compromise a heroine to save herself?  In her debut novel, Chicagoan Eileen Favorite gratifies those who have ever wished to interact with the tragic heroines of great books – and perhaps even wished to be one.