Jennifer Government

Jennifer Government book coverIn the not-so-distant future, taxes are illegal, corporations rule the world, and crimes are investigated only if there is someone to pay the bill.  This is the world as Max Barry  envisions it in Jennifer Government, a satiric novel of what happens when “capitalizm” runs amok.  Last names are determined by the company for which one works, and everything is about commerce.  The premise of murder-for-profit reaches new extremes as one miserable employee is ordered to assassinate several teenagers to build street cred (and demand) for a new line of $2500 Nike shoes.  Jennifer Government, a tenacious agent with a barcode tattoo and her own agenda, vows to do whatever it takes to bring down those responsible.  Barry’s book is plotted with both action and humor, but perhaps the most revealing details are those that seem surprisingly conceivable given current trends.