It’s the Year 2719. Are You Ready to Dance?

Archandroid album coverJanelle Monáe’s album, The ArchAndroid, is a sci-fi-pop-jazz-funk bomb whose mushroom cloud infects everyone around with a rug-cutting, rock-stepping, uplifting boogie. ArchAndroid frames a fully developed fantasy world featuring track appearances by poet Saul Williams and OutKast’s Big Boi. Just as ArchAndroid is a futuristic concept record that refuses to walk the line of any one musical norm, Janelle Monáe rejects stepping into the simple, over-sexualized box of what a female popular artist “should” look like…she’s often seen sporting saddle shoes, a fitted tuxedo, bow tie and pompadour. After you’ve listened to ArchAndroid check out the liner notes for many of Monáe’s inspirations – Octavia E. ButlerStevie WonderIsaac Asimov and Fritz Lang – to name a few.