Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende author photoIsabel Allende was a native of Chile who was forced into exile following the assassination of her uncle, President Salvador Allende.   While in Chile, she briefly had a job translating romance novels from English to Spanish.  She was fired, however, for making unauthorized changes to the dialogue of the heroines to make them sound more intelligent, as well as for changing the Cinderella endings to let the heroines find more independence.

Allende begins writing all her books on January 8th (after lighting candles and meditating) because that is the date in 1981 when she started writing House of the Spirits as a letter to her dying grandfather.  Her works chronicle the human condition in all its joy and beauty, pain and sorrow.

Her latest book is Ines of My Soul.  Have you read it?  What do you think of her writing style?  What is your favorite book by Isabel Allende?