In Good Company

In Good Company DVD coverThe movie In Good Company appears at first to be an ordinary comedy, but there is a lot of depth and subtlety in this 2004 picture from Universal Studios.  The plot revolves around middle-aged ad executive Dan Foreman, played by Dennis Quaid, who fears he might be laid off from his job when his company is bought out by a larger firm.  Instead he gets demoted and finds out that his new boss, played by Topher Grace, is a 27-year-old upshot who has a lot of theoretical knowledge but lacks practical knowledge.  As insulting as his new predicament is, Foreman knows he needs to swallow his pride and play along in order to keep his job and support his family.  Adding another layer of insult is that Foreman’s new boss seems to have developed a relationship with his 18-year-old daughter played by Scarlett JohanssonIn Good Company is a thoughtful insight into the sometimes skewed priorities of America’s corporate culture.  Did you find this movie accurate in it’s view of corporate America?  Can you identify with any of the charachters?  Does the film have a message or moral?