Hollywoodland DVD coverHollywoodland was released in 2006 by Focus Features and is a speculative account of the details surrounding the death of actor George Reeves in 1959.  Reeves death was ruled a simple suicide by the police, but some, including his mother, argued that there were too many inconsistencies and wanted a full investigation into what really happened.  When the police refused to investigate further, Reeve’s mother hired a private investigator named Louis Simo, and the film presents some of his findings using a narrative combination of flashbacks and prolepses.  Ben Affleck plays the strong but unfulfilled Reeves who never felt content with his career-defining role as television’s Superman.  Diane Lane is equally convincing as the wife of MGM VP Eddie Mannix and Reeve’s devoted lover.  Adrien Brody stars as investigator Louis Simo whose relentless pursuit of the truth gives him exposure to the darker side of Hollywood in anything but simpler times.