Help! How Should I Design My Reading Challenge?

Calling all Adults 18+, this summer you get to design your own reading challenge! Pick from categories provided by the Library, and choose any book that will fulfill that category. Categories include, “Read a book that was made into a movie,” “Read a mystery novel,” “Read a book you’ve been meaning to read for years,” and more.

For every round you complete, enter to win one of the many prizes offered (up to three times). To complete a round you need to read or listen to three books.

Now comes the hard part… choosing what to read! Here are a few Readers’ Advisor tested methods to narrow down what to read this summer.

1. Start with what books you’re interested in.


Brainstorm all of the books you want to read this summer and write down every category it would fit in. Then, highlight which category you will count it toward (you can not count a book for more than one category!). Finally, circle the 9 books you want to make a priority to read.

Don’t get rid of the other books on your list yet! You’ll want to keep those as back-ups if you are having time getting into one of your chosen books.

2. Start with what categories you’re interested in.


After choosing the categories you want to read from, make a list of all the books you would be interested in reading. Highlight your first, second, and third picks from each category, or wait until you’re ready to read from the category!

3. Read ALL the books.

Picture of Read All the Things Meme

Just keep reading and reading and reading! You’re bound to read a book from at least nine different categories if you read everything, right?

Regardless of what you read and how you choose to read it, share your picks using #MPPLsummer16! For reading suggestions, email us at or tweet at us @MPPLIB.

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