Have Parasol, Will Travel

Crocodile_on_the_sandbank It’s 1885 and Amelia Peabody is in Egypt. Amelia is an unconventional woman and if you think she’s helpless, you’ve never seen how hard she swings a parasol. While sightseeing along the Nile, Amelia stumbles across Walter and Radcliffe Emerson at the ruins of Amarna. Radcliffe has a near-fatal fever and Amelia splits her time nursing him back to health and taking over his archeological excavation. And then the mummy starts appearing at night… The Crocodile on the Sandbank is the first in Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody series. It is light on the mystery, but you’ll keep reading for the lush setting and the loathing (or is that loving?) relationship that builds between Amelia and Radcliffe Emerson.